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Over the course of several years, I experienced the despair, devastation, stress, and misery of my mental illness, as well as the euphoria, enthusiasm, optimism, and hope for the future. I felt myself trapped in a system to be medicated against my free will to control something as mysterious and destructive as mania which made me delusional and to lose my mind on several occasions. I questioned how much control I have over my own thoughts and being, who I actually was, who I could become. I theorized, analyzed, and discovered new…

A futurist sci-fi novella regarding virtual reality tech and spirituality.

My second work consists of a story that takes place in the future, characters in search of self-discovery, and a wary situation in a secret underground settlement, where something is amiss.

I plan on using NaNoWriMo as a platform to enable myself to work nonstop on my novel posted on Channillo as a series of small chapters.

For a long time, I have been fascinated by dreams. Lucid dreaming to be particular, a mode by which we can directly interact with the subconscious realms in our mind. …

How to navigate bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a permanent lifelong illness as I’m sure you’ve heard multiple times. It must be controlled and monitored throughout a person’s life or they will 1) become so manic that they make damaging decisions about their life or 2) become so depressed that nothing matters anymore and it might as well be time to give up on everything. These extremes are both dangerous and don’t help a person live their life to the fullest. So then, what is the best way to brave bipolar disorder and even make it work for us?

It took me years to both…

And here is how it changed me.

I am one of those kinds of people who succumb to insanity and have always felt my emotions very deeply. I developed a bond, connection, feeling of closeness to another human being so strong that I felt as though I was in heaven, would be safe always, and there was a constant euphoria that wouldn’t dim. Needless to say, it was a stable partner, a healthy relationship, nothing that would indicate there was any jealousy or foul play, and we are both extremely kind and considerate people; decent human beings.

I let myself fall in love. I felt as though…

Creativity, acknowledgment, and reward.

Work should sustain you and reward you, should make you rise up and be your best rather than frustrate you to do the bare minimum to meet requirements. Work should coincide with passion. For me, work continued to be tolerable and stress-free, but never fulfilled me until my most recent job as a technical writer. Finally, I felt like all the pieces fit, interlocked securely, completing a puzzle, that I could never solve in prior years.

I’ve been performing my dream job for over a year and every weekday I wake up excited to start the day and engage in…

And why many of us are afraid of it.

I was insane before and I felt as though I elevated myself to another level of consciousness, had fluid access to my thoughts and memories, and was interconnected with all of reality. It was a spiritual experience. Using my intuition and sensitivity, I implicitly discovered exactly what was going on inside my mind and that the state of insanity isn’t dangerous if we maintain equilibrium and balance throughout. Even though to others it may seem alarming, and we only make sense to ourselves, what we are experiencing should not be written off as nonsensical or disorganized. …

Is it for good?

My panic attacks are gone. Whether they are gone for good is to be determined. However, in addition to them being gone, I don’t feel that anxiety that makes me feel doomed, about to lose my grip, and falling off the edge, the feeling I get right before I lose touch with reality. I mean, this is revolutionary, mostly because I have a tendency to go insane. I have Bipolar I Disorder with psychotic tendencies, meaning, I’ve lost my mind before, become delusional, spouting nonsense. That isn’t going to happen anymore if I am careful.

My illness is in remission…

Wellness and mental clarity promote a healthy sleep mindset.

I used to scoff at people who had nightmares. They seemed so new to the wonders that lie in lucid dreaming. Whenever I had a nightmare, I’d best it in a creative way. I felt invincible in my sleep from then onward. I never could imagine someone just stuck in a given situation and struggling. Sleep was a haven for me, not a hell.

People who still have nightmares have them since they lack the integration that some of us have with our internal subconscious entities, or in other words, our second kind. For me, I’ve made her acquaintance and…

I have been improving my sleep. Here is how it’s done.

Sleep is complicated and made up of many components. We dream based on how we’re feeling and what is left unresolved. Improving your sleep involves improving your mental health and eliminating anxieties, depressions, and discomfort.

To get a good night's sleep, make sure to address and make sure you act on that which is making you anxious or depressed. This may include making a list of that which bothers you with notes on how you will overcome or address them. …

After undergoing stages of discovery over the years.

I spend a lot of time thinking. The total time I spent thinking throughout my life is enormous. I’m always inventing and discovering new philosophies regarding how I see the world and how the mind actually works. It spins and whirs in the background, and what I can barely see, becomes visible in my nighttime dreams.

I have written a manifesto during a time of elucidating mania which lasted half a year. I felt elevated in intellect, aware of much more than I could be under normal circumstances, and able to think on many levels at the same time. …

Aimee Sparrow

An explorer of the philosophy behind psychology and what we dream to inspire peace and solace from suffering.

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