Hyperactivity Off the Charts

I don’t know how I do it.

Aimée Sparrow
2 min readJul 17


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After you become enlightened once, your brain has muscle memory, and you keep trying to relive the moments. I believe when I was 19, turning 20, I accidentally opened my third eye using lucid dreaming, and since then, it’s remained open. I wondered why my dreams directly influenced and restructured reality using delta waves. Now I know it wasn’t just in my imagination. Having innate psychic ability is jarring.

Occasionally I find myself hypomanic, intense, and hyperactive, unable to stop thinking and enjoying it to the fullest, euphoric, and elated. It’s an incredibly creativity-filled experience, and I am honored to be able to live it. I will under no circumstances snuff it out with high doses of tranquilizer, as many like me are forced to. General society does not support or accept aberrations, glitches, or blips like me.

I can take on the world by storm and jump from one activity to another, work on one task, finish it well, and immediately move on to the next with grace, focus, and flow. I enjoy life immensely since music has such moving, emotive power, and I am entirely euphoric and joyful. I wish others could match my beat, and then I could party along with them.

In a hyperactive state, you are full of ecstatic excitement and at the peak of your emotive powers, such that you can summon any wonderful and happy event or thing you wish for using this energy field. People will swarm toward you to help because of the energy you are giving off, calling them and calling for good things to happen and manifest in front of you.

Some believe anything we see, experience, or perceive is generated within conscious minds, and consciousness is more than a personal experience. Consciousness is the power that makes this waking reality a malleable dream dependent on observation, imagination, and the creative abilities of those who reside within it. We do not reside within reality but exist someplace outside of it, in an immaterial energy state, influencing reality, space, and time with the power of our minds.

That is why people can make miracles happen in this extreme and highly creative and fundamental energetic state of hyperactivity off the charts. People like me right now. I can sense good things coming, and it is realistic, logical, and practical. I used my intuition to get this far and will rely on my intuition to pull me through.

Aimee Sparrow is an author, applied philosopher, and mathematician who has lived with a mood disorder for over a decade and advocates for happiness and inner peace. She is the author of Lunacy. Follow her website for more details.



Aimée Sparrow

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