I’m terribly sorry to hear about what happened for your aunt. Indeed mania has a bad rep due to these cases where people do not realize exactly what they have and analyze it in depth while they’re in the state to make full use of its benefits, but maybe I’m just different in some way personality-wise and able to fully appreciate it. Unfortunately due to the struggles other people have faced and how much trouble it has caused them and others, small signs of full blown mania prompt psychiatrists to force the patient into hospitalization, and I can say that has happened for me three times when I would have much rather been left to my own devices. I was enjoying myself, and that’s an understatement. In any case, I am currently medicated to avoid mania from occurring and I do agree that it can be overwhelming sometimes and it’s much better to go through life keeping it under control.

An explorer of the philosophy behind psychology and what we dream to inspire peace and solace from suffering. aimee.sparrowling@gmail.com

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