What Drains Our Energy

The toils of daily life.

Aimée Sparrow
3 min readMay 6


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Energy management is a topic of great importance both from a practical and spiritual perspective, not to say those are mutually exclusive. There are thought patterns, negative assumptions, and struggles we face daily that drain our energy and make us unable to function. Each of us has ways of coping or making up for lost energy that allows us to push forward, though at the expense of our health.

Here are possible situations which may drain our energy:

  • We feel as though we must change a circumstance we have no control over. And what level of control we do have, we do not exert due to learned helplessness or a hesitancy to take action due to fear, negligence, or a stubborn attitude.
  • We get emotionally riled up by the behavior of another without communicating our feelings, distancing ourselves from the person or situation, or thinking logically about everything there is to think about on our own.
  • We allow ourselves to get stuck in old maladaptive patterns and behaviors because we are too lazy to invest in changing, we do not have an open mind, and we are not humble enough to realize we must always keep learning new things.
  • We remain in an environment or larger situation that harms us mentally and physically because we fear change. We fear the unknown if we tried to take action to improve our circumstances.

Energy drain is a real issue for many of us, and although we can ask for specific advice and help from a spiritual power, we will only improve if we take action as requested. As time goes on, we will continue to become drained, despairing, and doomed. Much of depression and anxiety can be resolved if we create waves in our lives through urgent action, enlightened insight, and when we use our intuition to guide us. There is wisdom in the full power of our brains that, when tapped, can improve our lives, outcomes, environment, and experiences to be richer, more passionate, more expressive, and emotionally charged so that we live fully, with vitality, energy, and love.

In countless cases in the past five years, I improved my life and emotional well-being by being patient where necessary, taking action as required of me, and following the dreams I remembered after…



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