Where Inner Strength Comes From

Life can be challenging, but many of us come through alive.

Aimée Sparrow
2 min readMay 25


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You will continue to thrive as long as a fight remains in you. Strong people do not tolerate mediocrity. When faced with a challenge, we put in our all and do what we can to improve our lives and situation, as well as the situation of others. Many events on Earth can make a person lose spirit or lose hope. Believe me; I’ve been there. The difference is that I showed resiliency and bounced back.

There are people, feelings, and events that try our patience to such an extent that we become bedridden, writhing in pain. For what? Is it worth it? Only by looking deep inside yourself will you find out. I always seek to discover why I feel the way I do and why my emotions overwhelm me. I realize what I truly care about, where my passions lie, and what I desire from this world.

Much of what happens comes from a carefully planned subconscious path, both within our minds and bodies and externally. That’s why our coincident nature reaches out to other energetic entities and manipulates waking reality using our brain's vast expanse of subconscious intellect. This is how we can guide and influence manifestation, reach for and gain the right results, reach the desired goals, and become who we want to be and know where we want to go.

I am a living example of such positive, energetic results. Even though it is a work in progress, I have most of what I could wish for now and the potential for so much more. I carefully calculate and track what might likely come next and use the expanse of my entire subconscious brain power to guide me in my day-to-day intuition and understanding so that I make all the right decisions at the right moments.

I speak with my elders, perhaps women in their 40s and 50s, and they tell me what they wish most to say to themselves in their 30s is to follow their intuition and let it guide them. I am becoming more in touch with my inner self and wisdom to follow my instincts more accurately. I am an advanced woman in her 30s, and for that, I am grateful.

I plan on achieving so much and doing it right in the future. I will not go by impulse and make unwise, poorly thought-out decisions. I know I defied the odds and will rejoice that everything is falling into place as I designed it with my coincident nature.

Aimee Sparrow is an author, applied philosopher, and mathematician who has lived with a mood disorder for over a decade and advocates for happiness and inner peace. She is the author of Lunacy. Follow her website for more details.



Aimée Sparrow

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