Why the Election wasn’t Rigged in Favor of Biden

So much to say and not being heard.

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

What is really going on?

It took me mere seconds to figure out what was really going on. I’m not extraordinarily intelligent or excessively smart. I just have something we like to call common sense and an ability to reason.

  • Most Trump supporters voted in person.
  • In-person votes are counted first.
  • Most Biden supporters sought refuge from potential coronavirus infection and used mail-in ballots.
  • Mail-in ballots are counted last.
  • At first, it looked like Trump was winning, but in the end, it looked like and eventually did end up being true that Biden won.

What do we have to learn from this?

A lot of Americans were through with Trump. He’s been toxic for many international relations and his personality and values don’t align with the decent American. He was voted out of office by a margin of voters who would have otherwise remained undecided.

I do not follow everything that goes on in the news, but from my understanding, there have been terrible pain points in Trump’s first term. Environmental issues becoming worse, climate change being ignored, and facts and research being thrown out when needed.

It’s very simple to see that Trump needs to be replaced by a more decent, intelligent, and rational president. I don’t have much to say in this regard other than my basic opinion, but it just made me surprised and shocked there isn’t a clear-cut article, aimed at Trump supporters that explains how they are all wrong.

This article is meant to meet that need.

Aimee Sparrow is an author, applied philosopher, and mathematician who has been living with a mood disorder for more than a decade and advocates for happiness and inner peace. She is the author of Lunacy. Follow her website for more details.

An explorer of the philosophy behind psychology and what we dream to inspire peace and solace from suffering. aimee.sparrowling@gmail.com

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